What are we offering?
A personalised HR service. Just as we see personalised medicine entering the everyday, we’re offering a workforce analytics solution service that is tailored to the idiosyncratic needs of the individual, because your organisation is no more than a collection of individuals.

We provide sustainable, humane resource engineering that works for the planet, for your workforce and for you. It offers equal benefit to employee and employer – our solution is both cost effective and promotes well being in the workforce.

Using bleeding edge technology, Liveware360 will provide you with in-depth insight. We will help you to ensure your listen to your workforce and help them realise a path to progression. Begin by asking these questions:

Ready or not?

  • Which current strategic efforts are driving the need to better understand and manage your workforce, and how can you use workforce analytics to support those efforts?
  • How can you more effectively measure and report the value of applying workforce analytics in your business?
  • What major data impediments hamper your ability to apply analytics approaches? How can your organization overcome them?
  • What current workforce analytics capability gaps exist within your organization and how can you close them?
  • Which cultural dimensions support or interfere with the use of analytics to make smarter decisions about your workforce? How can you begin to orchestrate the necessary cultural changes?

We can help you answer this questions using the steps below:

A full range of analytics options are used to solve workforce challenges

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